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Training Camp Story of the Day

Dalvin Tomlinson 'in heaven' with D-Line competition, enjoying bonding experiences at The Greenbrier

The new defensive tackle has enjoyed working with two other new defensive line players — and has capitalized on chances to bond with teammates on the road


The defense led by Browns' DC Jim Schwartz has been enjoying themselves and displaying intense competitiveness during practice sessions at The Greenbrier. 

Newcomer DT Dalvin Tomlinson has been loving the energy from his new teammates.

"I think Coach Schwartz is the biggest part with that," he said. "Everybody's just talking, having fun, and we love to compete," Tomlinson said. "So we're always competing with each other and just going against offense to compete even more. 

"It's just like, you're in heaven with competing."

Tomlinson was one of a few veterans the Browns added to their defense — particularly on the D-Line. 

DE Ogbo Okoronkwo is another who has caught the eye of Tomlinson. One of the top edge rushers from the second half of the 2022 season, Okoronkwo will have a chance to continue his success in a Browns uniform, and Tomlinson certainly believes a bigger season is in play from what he's seen from him in practice.

"His strength is crazy," Tomlinson said. "You wouldn't expect Ogbo to be that strong. The way he sets edges, it's crazy. He's just so fluid when he pass rushes and stuff. Every time I see him rush, it doesn't seem real. Like somebody playing Madden or something with him out there."

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The Browns also added one of Tomlinson's former teammates from the Vikings in DE Za'Darius Smith, who is one player whom Tomlinson feels has brought the aforementioned energy to the defense on practice days.

"He helps the young guys with technique and things he's learned over the years on different teams," Tomlinson said. "He shares his knowledge, like we all do, and it's just great how he's still willing to learn and still a student of the game. He's super motivational. He going to give you some energy, give you some juice. When you feel like you're a little tired or something, he's going to come jump around and joke around with you to get you going a little bit more.

"He's one of those guys who learns your reason why you're playing this, and he just reminds you, 'Hey, you're doing that for this.' When you go and play twelve on a drive or something like that, like, 'Keep pushing, DT.'"

Tomlinson has been mentoring younger players on the defensive line as well. He has been training with DT Jordan Elliott and helping him improve his techniques to become a better player as he enters his fourth NFL season.

"You know, me and Jordan, we work almost every day after practice and technique work and stuff like that, and it's the small things and I tell them the small things makes the biggest difference," Tomlinson said, "When it comes to pass rush, playing the run, just being effective as a defensive tackle. And he's been picking up everything and I feel like his game's evolving this training camp, and I'm excited. What he's going to do when we got down the field."

As a new player on the roster, Tomlinson enjoyed the extra week being at The Greenbrier to connect with his teammates — which has helped him match the energy he feels from his new teammates.

"I feel like it helped out way more, super lot, just because like you said, we are in groups, walking around, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner together," he said. "Just on the off day just trying to find something to do. If it's like just sitting around the table debating about different topics and stuff. And we just come together as a whole better group. And I feel like that's going to lead us and play even better throughout the season because we playing for each other at that point."

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