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Myles Garrett ready to renew 'special combo' with Jadeveon Clowney

Garrett believes the Browns will have one the best pass rush duos in the league with Clowney back for another season


Myles Garrett didn't feel the need to say much to Jadeveon Clowney when it came to recruiting him back to Cleveland this offseason.

Garrett knew that Clowney was well aware how special their combination was on the field — the duo produced 25 sacks last season, nine of which came from Clowney. He built his best season since 2018, partially because Garrett was wreaking havoc and drawing attention on the other side of the line, and Garrett knew the opportunity to run it back in 2022 was appealing for Clowney as he entered free agency.

"We're probably the best duo in the league as far as getting pressure," Garrett said.

Garrett's wish was granted last week when Clowney re-signed with Cleveland, a move that felt like the final big puzzle piece the Browns needed to ensure the defense can replicate its success from last season. The group finished fifth in the league in total defense and particularly thrived toward the end of the year, when opponents were held to 26 points or less in their last seven games. 

With Clowney signed, the Browns will return nine of their 11 primary defensive starters from 2021. The only two spots open are on the interior D-line, which the Browns will feel much more comfortable replacing now that they'll have two Pro Bowlers on the edge for another year. They know they have two players capable of drawing a sack on every pass play, and that's a luxury not every team in the league can embrace.

"I don't know if you call them Batman and Robin or Batman and Batman," defensive coordinator Joe Woods said, "but just to have that counterpart opposite of Myles, when you go against offenses, they are going to have to respect both defensive ends, so all the attention does not go to Myles. Coming back in the second season, I know Jadeveon is going to have a full understanding of our defense and what we're going to ask him to do. We also like to move those guys around, so I know he's very comfortable."

Clowney signed up for another year with the Browns because he believes the roster is talented enough to win a Super Bowl. He also believes the coaching staff can maximize the abundance of talent to get them there.

Maximizing that talent, of course, means finding ways for Garrett and Clowney to fluster the offense throughout a game. The duo proved last season they know how to do that, and that could make reaching the backfield even easier for them in Year 2.

"The like-mindedness, what we want to do, what we want to achieve and where we really think we can go this year," Garrett said. "I think he's all on-board with that."

The reasons for another year with Clowney in Cleveland were obvious. Recruiting a player isn't necessary when both sides already know what they're capable of achieving, and that was the case Garrett felt with Clowney.

Now, they're back together and ready to provide another year of proof they're the perfect pairing.

"It's a special combo," Garrett said, "and if he comes back in shape, I think we'll be able to do something really, really special this year as well."

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