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The moment Nick Harris' dance moves briefly made him Internet famous

Centers aren't usually the center of attention.

For new Browns C Nick Harris, that briefly changed after an early-season game against Arizona State during his junior season.

As Harris was set to snap the ball, Arizona State defensive tackle George Lea jumped the gun and pushed Harris backward. Perhaps in an attempt to make sure the officials saw the transgression, Harris sold it like he was taking a charge in a basketball game, backpedaling three or four steps as the flags flew. When Harris gathered his momentum, he did a quick two-step, slid forward and gestured for a first down, breaking out moves typically seen by players with a little more pizzazz, such as Cam Newton, and not, well, centers.

The clip of the play was shared by ESPN's College Football account on Twitter, and then it took on another life. As of Wednesday, the tweet has 1.7 million views, and a number of articles were written about the spontaneous fun Harris had at his opponent's expense.

Harris cracked a smile Tuesday as he recalled the moment during an interview with Andrew Gribble and Jason Gibbs on the latest episode of “Best Podcast Available.”

"That was crazy. It was just something I did," Harris said. "Me and that guy were going back and forth the whole game, talking mess to each other. I was getting in his head. I was just messing around and being myself."

The Browns have selected Nick Harris in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Harris said he received so many messages after the game that his phone froze. From there, his play as one of the nation's best and most consistent centers did all of the talking. That's why the Browns felt so good about landing him in Saturday's fifth round with the No. 160 pick.

After he took the call from the Browns, Harris saw his phone start acting like it did that memorable night against the Sun Devils. Years later, it's still the bar for his personal "fame" meter.

"It was the most famous I felt," Harris said, "for sure."

Catch all of Harris' interview on the new episode of "Best Podcast Available, which will be released Thursday. Subscribe now!

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