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What They're Saying

What the Bengals are saying about the Browns

Cleveland hosts Cincinnati in a primetime showdown for Week 8


As the days wind down before the Browns' matchup Monday with the Bengals, we're checking out what they're saying in Cincinnati about the game.

He certainly is looking to notch himself a win. You can feel it from him. His intensity is ramped up and mainly because it's a big divisional game for us … These are the games that matter as you go down to the middle of the season in the stretch and you've got to pick up division wins and if you want to get to the playoffs, you've got to win your division and you have to beat the division teams. And we haven't done that yet. So I think he's on edge this week a little bit. He's ready to go. Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan on QB Joe Burrow, who has yet to win against the Browns
That takes away some of their opportunities but they are still good against the run. They're violent at the point of attack. They do a good job pursuing on the back side. They can impact your run game as well. Of course, what gets all the attention is all the pressure production and sack production. That's what stands out. It doesn't diminish the fact they are really good run down players as well. Bengals HC Zac Taylor on offsetting Browns DE Myles Garrett
Myles Garrett doesn't always line up there on the left any more. These last two weeks he's been on the right. That's a change from every time I played them where it's consistently been inside or playing on the left. That's a big change for those guys in terms of how they're using him. That's going to be LC and Jonah and the other gets Jadeveon. Taylor on Garrett's positioning at the line of scrimmage
It's like he's got video game super powers, where all of a sudden you contact him and he gets faster. He accelerates on contact and finished runs like that. He's got great balance. Obviously, really good vision. Those are all traits that belong to him, and on top of that, he's got a great offensive line. Taylor on Browns RB Nick Chubb
They've got really good players on defense. Obviously, the two pass rushers are guys you can't let wreck the game. You always have to be aware of those guys. The defensive backs are really good. They make all the throws hard. It'll be a tough one. Bengals QB Joe Burrow on facing the Browns defense
I don't know. Tough to say. Probably true. Can't say for sure ... Those are in the past. Obviously, we would've liked to win those games. Every week is a new week. Burrow on if his three-game losing streak as a starting QB against Cleveland is the first he's had against any team in his football career

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