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What They're Saying

What the Bills are saying about the Browns

Cleveland heads to Detroit for a matchup against Buffalo for Week 11


As the days wind down before the Browns' matchup Sunday with the Bills, we're checking out what they're saying in Buffalo about the game.

Yeah of course. It's led by Nick Chubb and this offensive line. I'm sure Nick Chubb would say the same thing — this offensive line is really helping him out. He can do it by himself, for sure, but this offensive line from tackle to tackle and guard to guard and this center, he plays lights out as well, too. Bills LB Von Miller on if the Browns' run game is as good as it gets in the NFL
When you've got Myles Garrett and (Jadeveon) Clowney on the other side, Denzel Ward and the type of team they have, you can't count them out of every single game. Miller on facing the Browns
He's probably one of the best defensive ends to ever play this game, and I think more people would start to agree with me on that. As more and more times passes by, I think more and more people will start to agree with that quote. Miller on Myles Garrett
Myles Garrett has my (Broncos) sack record-breaking jersey. I was thinking about it after the other day. I broke the Broncos franchise sack record, and I switched jerseys with Myles Garrett after the game. I didn't really think about until a couple years later. I was like 'Dang' ... I think at the time, you think you're going to play your whole career with the Denver Broncos, and you're like 'Where's this? Where's that?' And I was like, 'Dang, I traded that jersey with Myles Garrett.' If somebody to have it, it's Myles Garrett. That's my guy. I love his game. If anyone than me had to have it, I'm OK with Myles Garrett having it. Miller on Garrett
You turn the tape on, and you're impressed. You watch their run game, and I know (offensive line) coach Bill Callahan does a great job. You watch people get population to the ball, and then all of a sudden (Chubb) comes out of it, and it's an explosive run for 20-30 yards. He's as good as there is in the league. Bills HC Sean McDermott on facing the Browns' run game
I'm happy for him. He went on and played his best at another place. That's been an outlier most of the time. Most people come here and play their best here. One got away from us a little bit there. Love Wyatt. Real proud of what he's been able to accomplish. I know he's been a little banged up, so we'll see where it goes this week. McDermott on Browns RG Wyatt Teller, who started his career with the Bills
Chubb is another type of back who you can stop, and stop, and stop, and then all of a sudden, he can break one. We have to learn from (the Vikings game) and stay gap sound and tackle throughout. He is an exceptional running back, and one of the best, if not the best, in the National Football League. Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier on Chubb

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