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What They're Saying

What the Panthers are saying about the Browns

Cleveland takes on Carolina to open the season


As the days wind down before the Browns' matchup Sunday with the Panthers, we're checking out what they're saying in Charlotte about the game.

Anytime you're playing guys you know, it makes it more interesting and more fun. You get to smack talk with buddies you've been with for a bit. You know how to poke and prod and get the best out of them. Panthers QB Baker Mayfield on facing the Browns
It doesn't give me an edge, nor does it give them an edge. It just gives us both familiarity about my tendencies — how I line up, and likewise. I know how those guys like to line up and how they like to disguise certain things. I don't think one side has the edge over the other. Mayfield on if being familiar with the Browns defense gives him an edge
They're really good and really talented. I think you look at every position, and they can play. They've got good edge rusher, great in the secondary and their (line)backers are great. It's going to be a challenge. Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey on the Browns' defense
We studied Jacoby on the first preseason game he played. Obviously, going back to (his time in) Indianapolis and Miami. We also study the (Browns) offense. In your first game, you have to prepare for a little bit of everything. We'll have to be locked in as a team and coaching staff in this game. Panthers HC Matt Rhule on what tape they studied on Browns QB Jacoby Brissett
This is a passing league, and they have an excellent pass defense. Obviously, they drive a lot of pressure from their rush, but they have a tremendous secondary, an excellent linebacker core. They can match up with you, they can play quarters, they can play man and they can rush when they need to. I think they're really well-rounded. They have playmakers and difference-makers at every level of the defense, and that's why their passing defense has been so good. Rhule on facing the Browns' defense
They do a tremendous job getting after the quarterback and rushing the passer. They'll play in the defense, and then they'll get creative at times. They're two of the best you'll see in the game, and we certainly have to factor that into the way we play. It's not just passing the football, they factor into the run game as well. Panthers OC Ben McAdoo on facing Browns DEs Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney
It's going to be a challenge for 'Ickey,' whether it's Myles or Mr. Clowney. He has to be ready at times to go block him by himself, but at the same time, he's not out there by himself. It takes a team and a good plan to put him in position to be successful. Ickey's a guy who we drafted for a reason, and we have a lot of confidence in him as a player. It's going to be a good matchup for us on Sunday. McAdoo on rookie first-rounder OT Ikem Ekwonu facing Garrett and Clowney in his first game
If you look at their three backs, they may be as good of three backs as you'll see in the league — all of them. Then they have two tight ends they like that have been around a long time to block the edges, and then their offensive line. The left guard (Joel Bitonio) is as good as there is in the league, and Conklin is coming back. They're good up front and they've been together a while, and they arguably have one of the best offensive line coaches in the business. When (Browns offensive line coach Bill Callahan) is on a football team, they normally lead the National Football League in rushing. It presents a really good test for where we're at defending the run. Panthers DC Phil Snow on the challenges of the Browns' offense
I think it's really important to look at what he's done in the league. He's thrown two touchdowns to one interception. He's been a really efficient quarterback when he's played, and I think the offense fits what he does. They'll play-action a bunch and run the football. It's based off the run game. That'll really help him. He's a good player. Snow on Browns QB Jacoby Brissett
There's a way to tackle. You've got to bring your hips and stay on your feet, keep your eyes up. The angles to the football are important because he'll break down the angles if you don't run good angles. That leads to bad tackling. We've got to run good ankles, bring our feet and grab and tackle in numbers. You're not going to tackle these backs with one guy. You've got to come in numbers. Snow on how to effectively tackle Browns RB Nick Chubb

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