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What They're Saying

What the Patriots are saying about the Browns

Cleveland travels to New England for a big Week 10 matchup


As the days wind down before the Browns' matchup Sunday with the Patriots, we're checking out what they're saying in New England about the game.

The hogs in front of them make a lot of that stuff go. Whenever they're clicking on offense, [the ground game is] a big problem. Patriots LB Dont'a Hightower on the Browns' run game and O-Line
Very good running team. They've really dominated the running game for most of the season, which has let them dominate time of possession, field position and so forth. It's been a major edge for them. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick
The Browns are a pretty impressive team to watch ... (Myles) Garrett is about as good as they get, and (Jadeveon) Clowney — we know what he is. It starts there. They really do a good job defensively. Woods has a very disruptive defense at all three levels. They create a lot of problems on defense, I'll put it that way. Belichick on the Browns
We're going to have to be extremely quick. He's as tough a matchup as there is in the league. Belichick on facing Garrett
Their backs are that good. Not just Nick Chubb. Not just Kareem Hunt. I think everyone saw it on that Thursday night game where D'Ernest Johnson gets in there. There's no Baker Mayfield, there's no Hunt, there's no Chubb and (he gets) 137 yards. He's a guy, Johnson, where the point of attack is everywhere. Whether he'll be going right, make a little cut back, and go anywhere on the field. Obviously with Nick Chubb, he's a guy who's just so explosive. Once he gets his shoulder square, he can make you miss. Patriots S Devin McCourty on D'Ernest Johnson
They're legit on all three levels. I don't have to block these guys, but we know who they are when you talk about the pass rush, and I think at the linebacker and second level, they have great speed. You have to respect them. The organization has done a good job of putting together some quality defense, and it showed with their record and performance on tape. Patriots WR Nelson Agholor on the Browns defense
Explosive. Great running game. Very physical up front, and a quarterback that can make all the throws, and he likes to escape the pocket. I'm kind of familiar with this Browns team. They have some great wide receivers and good playmakers. Patriots edge rusher and former Ravens defender Matt Judon on the Browns offense
I like Denzel Ward. I respect his game and he's been playing really well. All of them overall are a solid group. They've got a good record and are in the same boat as us. They feel good about themselves coming into this game. It's just about respecting all of them and treating them as good opponents, but Denzel is the guy that stands out most to me. He's one of the ones where if I go against him, I want to showcase what I can do. Patriots WR Kendrick Bourne on the Browns secondary
They're strong and they can move you off the ball. We've got to go out there and bring the fight to them. We can't allow them to bring the fight to us. You know how they say in the trenches, 'It's all about the first punch.' So we have to deliver the first punch and continue to do it every single down. Patriots DT Lawrence Guy on the Browns' offensive line

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