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What They're Saying

What the Ravens are saying about the Browns

Cleveland hosts Baltimore for Week 15


As the days wind down before the Browns' matchup Saturday with the Ravens, we're checking out what they're saying in Baltimore about the game.

He looks like Deshaun Watson; he looks the same. We're preparing for that. What we've seen from their offense in the last two weeks, also the things that he's kind of been known for in Houston offensively. That's what we'll try to make sure we prepare for. Ravens HC John Harbaugh on his impressions of Browns QB Deshaun Watson
Yes, it is. 700 days is a lot of days. Obviously, we played the Browns earlier, with [Jacoby] Brissett, but they paid a lot of money to Deshaun [Watson] and have a lot of faith in him, and he's obviously one of those Top 5, Top 10 quarterbacks in the league. [There's] limited film, [and] it's kind of only heating up, so it's not really the best time to play him, but we look forward to the challenge. It's good to see him back out there. Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey of it it's different going against Watson
That's the big task; there's no doubt about it. It's their run game. They're still averaging I think 150-plus [yards] a game – one of the top-rated run offenses in football. They run their runs; they run their plays. Then, they add a little bit more of an element with Deshaun Watson at quarterback because they have some of the quarterback read stuff added to that, and the RPOs, so it just makes them that much more of a challenge to defend. Harbaugh on slowing down RB Nick Chubb
Yes, just the threat of him [Deshaun Watson] running the ball is obviously the biggest difference; more of the gun-run game has showed up since he’s taken over. But the whole offense is there, so [it’s] definitely an added dynamic with him being able to pull it both on the designed runs and the extended play. I think Jacoby Brissett was an underrated runner, as well. Ravens DC Mike Macdonald on how QB Deshaun Watson changes the Browns' offense
Yes, we want to give him a not-so-soft welcoming. So, it's cool to welcome him to the rivalry. Hopefully, it won't be a good rivalry-welcoming for him, but it's always … I think it's interesting to see when guys come in this AFC North; it's not sweet over here. Humphrey on 'welcoming' Watson to the AFC North
[He is] still the same guy that he used to be, still a great quarterback, still can move, still can make the throws on the move. [He] can still do everything that any other quarterback can do. So, the biggest thing with him is just trying to keep him in the pocket and limiting the things he does well. LB Patrick Queen on Watson
He does it all; run block, pass block, [he] can run routes, [he] can break. He has all the tools in his box. He's great; he does it all. He's fast [and] strong. Like I said, he does all those things that he can do. So, the biggest thing with him is just trying to limit what he does well. I think – with him being injured – that he's still going to come back and be fired up to get after us again because usually he has success against us for some reason. So, that's the biggest thing that we're looking at, is how to stop him. Queen on TE David Njoku
No, none of these games are easy, honestly, especially when it comes to these pass rushers. Teams always … That's kind of one of the first positions they kind of look for to be an elite defense. So, yes, we know we have a challenge ahead of us. Ravens T Ronnie Stanley on if it ever gets easier in the AFC North

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