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What They're Saying

What the Saints are saying about the Browns

Cleveland hosts New Orleans for Week 16


As the days wind down before the Browns' matchup Saturday with the Saints, we're checking out what they're saying in New Orleans about the game.

I don't necessarily think that's the case. We've done all the work we can do in terms of knowing what the weather is going to be like but ultimately, we're going to go out on Saturday and go play a game. I think we've just got to see what the conditions are on Saturday and then we'll have to adjust accordingly. Saints HC Dennis Allen on if the team spending an extra day Thursday in Cleveland to avoid inclement weather Friday will be a big benefit
We've got to have contingency plans either way. It's just another factor that you have to take into account as you're putting in your game plan. If wind is a factor, we've got to have a plan to deal with that and if it's not as big a factor, then we've got to have a plan in that regard, too. It's a little bit tough in that you don't know specifically, but you've got to have contingency plans if that is the case. Allen on how the frigid conditions might impact Saturday's game
He's a really good quarterback, He brings an athletic element to the game. He's explosive at the quarterback position. He allows them some things that they can do with the quarterback run game, he allows them some things that they can do with getting him out of the pocket and on the move, and then his ability to improvise and make plays on the move I think is what makes him such a dynamic player. Allen on Browns QB Deshaun Watson
When you look at a guy like that that can operate in the pocket and operate effectively as a pocket passer, but yet has the ability when things break down to create with his feet – whether it be creating on the move to throw the ball on the move, or whether it be the quarterback scrambles – makes him really a tough player to play against. Allen on Watson cont.
We've played a lot of mobile quarterbacks, but this is arguably one of the better quarterbacks in our league especially when he's been able to be out there, be healthy and be part of the team. I think you've seen over the last three games, each week you've seen him getting better each week. Allen on Watson cont.
It doesn't feel particularly great. It's not like it's 80 degrees outside. We'll do our best to stay warm. Guys back in the equipment room got us right. Saints P Blake Gillikin on the cold conditions
It's not what you really want, I guess. It sucks, but there's a lot of mental toughness into it. It takes mental toughness to not get cold. You've got to play no matter the circumstances. Saints OT Trevor Penning on the cold
They're a very well-structured group. They work together well. They fly around on defense and hit. Very athletic at the second level as well. Saints C Calvin Throckmorton on the Browns defense
I can't wait. I'm super excited for this game. I've never played in the snow or that cold. I'm from the Northwest and like the cold, so I can't wait. Throckmorton on the cold
I've played in cold ones. I've played in some cold ones in Cleveland. I played in a snow game in Cleveland in 2016. Just the AFC North, those games were cold at the end of the year. There's not one that stands out. Saints QB Andy Dalton on his experience in playing in cold games
I think the wind will be more of a factor than the temperature out there. I think it says 30-40 mph winds. That's pretty significant ... Once you get out there and see where the wind is blowing in the stadium and all that stuff, what direction it's going, it may affect some things. We won't know until we get out there. Dalton on if the wind will be more impactful than the temperatures

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