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Burning Questions

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13 questions with Nick Chubb, who is piling up the TDs and yards as leader of Browns' ground attack

Cleveland’s Pro Bowl RB is 4th in the NFL with 292 rushing yards

Earlier this week, Joel Bitonio said he'd never heard Nick Chubb say a word whenever the Browns were in the huddle.

That's on the field, though. Off the field is a slightly different story. huddled up with Chubb after a recent walk-through and discussed a variety of topics with the Pro Bowl running back. Looking ahead to Sunday's game with Dallas, what's the key to success to keep this running game going?

Chubb: The key to success for us is to have our minds right and go out there and be ready to play. We need to be ready for a physical game. We know this team doesn't give up. They've had very close games the past three games, and they're going to fight and give it their all. We've got to come with that same mindset, same intensity and get it going and get this win. Through three games, how would you evaluate the running game so far, and where are the opportunities to grow?

Chubb: It's been good so far. We have to just get started a little earlier and not let teams slow us down at all. That's kind of far-fetched, though. It's the NFL and teams are good. We just want to go out there and do it every week. On your first touchdown run against Washington last week, you were zigging and zagging and the commentators were raving about your vision. How has that part of your game improved since you entered the NFL?

Chubb: It's always been the same. I don't think you can really change your vision. It's been the same. I'm just finding it faster. The blocking has been so significant for the running game this season. How much of a key has that been?

Chubb: The blocking's been really great. Coach (Bill) Callahan gets those big guys going every day in practice, and that leads to the game. I admire their scheme and coaching and I admire how much they want to win. How different is it the way Kareem Hunt is being used this year, and how much is that helping you personally?

Chubb: Kareem is on the field a lot more now, not only on third downs, but he's in there running the ball on every down. He's an every-down back, and that's helped me a lot. I just go out there and play with a great friend of mine and play for each other, split carries and stay fresh. From Day 1, you guys have been so selfless about it. How has that worked so well?

Chubb: We just want to win. Whatever it takes, it doesn't matter who has the ball, who is scoring touchdowns, who is getting the ball the most. We just want to win games. I think we're all playing like that and it's turning out good for us. Kareem's status is a little up in the air for Sunday's game. How confident are you in potentially handling a bigger workload or having Dontrell Hilliard and D’Ernest Johnson on the field more?

Chubb: Whatever I've got to do for this team, if I've got to play the whole game, I will. I look forward to seeing the other guys get in the mix and play with them, too, if Kareem's out. There's been very little change in the running backs room since last year. How close have you guys gotten?

Chubb: We're really close. We've been together since last year, and now it's like the boys are back together with Dontrell, D'Ernest, Kareem and me. It's the same as last year so we're ready to go out there and play. What has Stump Mitchell taught you about being a running back in the NFL?

Chubb: The biggest thing with me and Stump is getting me to be more of a receiving threat. He's been on me about that. Just catching the ball and being patient. What stands out about Dallas' defense with stopping the run?

Chubb: They're very high motor guys. They play extremely hard. They pretty much never stop and never give up. That's what I see the most on film. They pursue the ball, they play hard and play for each other. They're a great team. Balance-wise for this offense, the running has followed suit after the passing game clicks. How important is that balance to keep defenses on their toes?

Chubb: It's important. If we get it going with the running game and the passing game with the play-action, it's very hard for defenses to know what's coming. That works to our advantage. We've got to really get it going Sunday. What's the feeling like in the fourth quarter when you're carrying the lead and are able to control the clock with the run game?

Chubb: It's a great feeling but a game's never over until it's over. We've just got to keep playing and keep playing hard until there's zeroes on the clock. Looking down the line, how much will it help the team with you and Kareem sharing the load and staying fresh late in the season?

Chubb: We'll definitely be more fresh at the end of the year. It's a very long season and we're just getting started. Toward the later weeks, we'll still be fresh because we're splitting carries and that will work to our advantage.

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