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Nick Chubb eager to 'go at it in every game' with Kareem Hunt 

Nick Chubb’s response to the question has never changed.

The question — how will Chubb and Kareem Hunt, two of the best running backs in the NFL, split snaps? — was proposed to Chubb last year, when Hunt signed with the Browns. Hunt was only able to play in the Browns' final eight games due to suspension, but his return meant Chubb's workload would take a slight hit.

Chubb's response then?

"I can do whatever," he said last November before Hunt returned. "I can play the role of being the main guy or sharing carries. It is all about the team for me. Whatever we can do to win, I am all for it."

Hunt's return never slowed Chubb's production — he finished the season with 1,494 rushing yards, 47 yards short of the league rushing title. But the Browns were better with Chubb and Hunt, who had 464 total yards last season and led the NFL in rushing yards in 2017, active in the backfield. That's what Chubb wanted.

Now, Chubb will have Hunt alongside him for a full 16 games. The Browns' rushing attack will be a headache for defensive coordinators each week, but what if Chubb has to split more carries?

"Whatever happens, I trust the coaching staff and I trust the team," he said Tuesday in a Zoom call with local reporters. "I know they're putting us in the best position to win, so however it looks, I'm fine with it."

Chubb has carried the "team-first" mentality since he was selected by the Browns in the second round of the 2018 draft. He has always been praised by coaches and players about his work ethic. He has never openly worried or questioned his role or a coaching decision. 

He simply puts his head down and runs, no matter what.

Coach Kevin Stefanski has praised Chubb since his first day on the job, and that's no surprise. Chubb is a dream player for Stefanski, who will implement a wide-zone, run-heavy offense in his first year in Cleveland. Chubb, a candidate to break 100 yards rushing in any game, is a perfect match.

"Nick Chubb, man, wow the tape is so impressive," Stefanski said in his introductory press conference in January. "I can't wait to meet Nick Chubb, the person, because everyone is raving about him."

Hunt is a perfect match, too. He's also a candidate to break 100 rushing yards in any game, but that's much tougher to do when carries will be split with another Pro-Bowl caliber player. 

Stefanski will have plenty of options with Chubb and Hunt. Chubb is a downhill runner who can pick up chunk gains on every play and muscle his way through any defensive line. Hunt is talented on handoffs, too, but he also excels in turning check-down passes into big plays and lining up as a slot receiver.

Stefanski will attempt to create the perfect balance of plays for both players. That might change every week, but the Chubb-Hunt duo was a big reason why he wanted to be in Cleveland. 

Not many coaches have an opportunity to deploy a top-10 running back in their offense. With Chubb and Hunt, Stefanski might have two of them.

"It's definitely on our mind of how you divvy that pie up and how you design plays," Stefanski said in June. "That is definitely something we are talking about."

Chubb, of course, sees playmakers beyond the running backs room. Remember, his focus has always been about the team, so when he was asked the offensive possibilities with him and Hunt on the field, he stretched his answer into the whole offense.

"I think we have a lot of guys on this team and a lot of playmakers, and you can't go wrong with who has the ball," he said. "Pick your poison. The coaches do a great job of dividing it up, even if they don't have to divide it up. If one guy is our guy, then we can go to him."

Chubb will certainly be that "guy" in several games this season. He's quickly become one of the most dynamic running backs in the league, and he'll be a pivotal piece to how much the offense progresses under Stefanski.

But in some games, Hunt will be the go-to player, too.

Chubb doesn't mind that. In fact, he loves it.

"I am excited to be back with him for a full season," he said. "Now we get to go at it in every game we play, so I'm excited about that. I look forward to it."

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