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What They're Saying

What the Bengals are saying about the Browns

As the days wind down before the Browns' matchup Thursday night with the Bengals, we're checking out what they're saying in Cincinnati about the game.

"Coach (Zac) Taylor put in a great game plan. Players executed, made great blocks and from there I handled the rest. They have a pretty deep group right now, I know they got guys shuffling around to see where they fit best. I'm sure there are going to be different defenses they line up. Something to stop or slow down whatever we are trying to do. I'm sure they are going to be ready and we have to be ready also." Bengals RB Joe Mixon on his 162-yard performance in Week 17 last season and the Browns' current defense
"It was going to be somebody. The fact it's Cleveland and on a Thursday night is all sort of ironic and not normal." Bengals President Mike Brown, the son of Browns co-founder and first coach Paul Brown, on not traveling with the team and being at the stadium for an 825th consecutive game
I did watch it. I didn't excessively watch the NFL when I grew up, but I do know the history behind it and how Mr. Brown's father started the Browns and then started the Bengals as well. I'm excited to play in the game. I'm excited for my first one." Bengals QB Joe Burrow, an Ohio native, on if he watched any "Battle of Ohio" games growing up
"We don't really like anybody in our division, so all these games have added importance. That's the key to getting where we want to go — we want to win the division. This is our first opportunity this season. We're only going to get six of them. So yeah, I wouldn't say there's a lot of love in the locker room for these guys. That gets us through the week of practice." Bengals HC Zach Taylor on the Browns
"I think we got a really good group of receivers, and you put those guys on the field and a defense has to determine how they're going to cover it and who's going to cover who, and so somewhere there's going to be a mismatch. And somewhere someone should be open." Bengals OC Brian Callahan on the Bengals WRs
"We've also got to find our identity. We've still got to pick up our rhythm. I believe we have the chemistry, we've just got to pick up our rhythm." Bengals WR Tyler Boyd on Cincinnati's offense after Week 1

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