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What They're Saying

What the Ravens are saying about the Browns

Cleveland heads to Baltimore in Week 7


As the days wind down before the Browns' matchup Sunday with the Ravens, we're checking out what they're saying in Baltimore about the game.

The thing about Nick Chubb is his downhill, just combination of explosiveness and power. You’re not going to throw an arm in there, you’re not going to throw a shoulder in there, an elbow or something like that, and knock him down. You have to bring everything you’ve got. You have to wrap him up, and then everyone else has to come too, because he’s going to be running and bringing it 100 miles an hour with a lot of power. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh on Nick Chubb
He’s one of the best backs in the league, for sure. We definitely have to keep him back there [and] not get him going early. So, those are things that we’re trying to do to eliminate his run. It’s going to be a good challenge for us as a defense, so I’m looking forward to it really. Ravens DT Justin Madubuike on Chubb
They're an impressive team. Their O-Line is great, and Nick Chubb is a tremendous running back. We have a tall task ahead of us, but it's a challenge we like. We're built strong up front, and a lot of us like to play against the run. We're all looking forward to it. Ravens DE Brent Urban on facing Chubb
Yes, and he's getting better every year [with] the way he plays the game, whatnot. You can see him from his rookie year to now, his move sets, et cetera. So, you have to bring attention to him in various ways; you can't just treat him like everyone else. You have to rob Peter to pay Paul at times to try to account for him from a numerical standpoint. Maybe get two guys on him, chip him... There are various ways and means, but at the same time you can't bring yourself to a halt because all you're worried about is that. Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman on facing Myles Garrett
It’s really the wholistic approach for the whole team. Obviously, they’ve got great coaches, they’ve got a great scheme, they’re very well coached. Obviously, the [offensive] front, the O-line is as advertised; the tight ends do a great job of blocking. So, any time you face a great rushing team, much like our offense, it’s all 11 guys, [and] receivers know when to block. And then schematically, there are a lot of schemes that you see. It’s not just wide zone, it’s not just gap scheme; they’ve kind of got everything. And then they motion and shift and stuff to try to create angles and leverage and numbers in different areas, too, that you’ve got to make sure you’re on your 'Ps and Qs.’ Ravens defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald on what makes the Browns rushing attack so tough
The best compliment I can give their offense is that they’re very efficient. I think they lead the league in the least amount of three-and-outs, so they’re always staying on schedule, they’re always in rhythm. They’re never kind of like out of whack, so it’s a big challenge for us to win early downs to get them off schedule so you can get them into obvious passing situations. Macdonald on the Browns' offense
When [Jacoby Brissett] does that, and when they have gotten behind the sticks, he’s able to kind of rebound and keep the ball moving down the field. So, it’s a little bit of a different attack than we’ve seen from other teams; they definitely matriculate the ball down the field, kind of old school style right there, but he does a great job just making the thing go to work.” Macdonald on Browns QB Jacoby Brissett

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