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What They're Saying

What the Giants are saying about the Browns

Cleveland is back in the primetime stage Sunday against the Giants

As the days wind down before the Browns' matchup Sunday night with the Giants, we're checking out what they're saying in East Rutherford, New Jersey, about the game.

This team can bring pressure whether they rush four or they blitz. This team is very talented up front with Garrett and O.V. on the edges. You have Richardson and the other guys inside. This team is very explosive. They make a lot of plays. It's a penetrating front. To me, if they want to get penetration, they don't necessarily have to add in blitzes. Giants head coach Joe Judge on the Browns D
I definitely got to watch it. I actually had it on in my office while I was breaking down some other tape at the same time. Interesting enough, I had just finished watching the first Baltimore-Cleveland game, and then that game followed it. It was interesting to see the things that each team repeated and things they looked to do and adjust the second time around. Judge on the Browns-Ravens MNF thriller
If Daniel is healthy to play and he looked the way he did in practice last week, I'd have no hesitation of playing Daniel at all. We made a calculation. We have a lot of confidence in Colt (McCoy). This has nothing to do with Colt. But there's also a commitment we've made to Daniel as our quarterback and how we're running this offense. Judge on his decision at QB
I’ve watched this guy for several years. I think the thing that stands out about him above all is this guy is an elite competitor. He really is. He’s a tough dude. You know his story. How he went through college, had to walk on twice, earn two starting jobs. Look, it’s no coincidence this guy is having tremendous success in the National Football League. I love the attitude he plays with, I love the chippiness he plays with. This guy extends plays. Judge on Baker Mayfield
Gotta stop the run. They’re the No. 3 rushing attack in football, they have two great running backs, they’re committed to the run, a lot of their offense is built off the run game. And I think that their receivers, starting with Jarvis Landry, they block really well, they’re extremely tough and him himself is like a running back with the ball. Giants CB Logan Ryan
This is a big game regardless of it being my former team. I'm not going to lie and say it doesn't add to it. I've got a job to do and the guys around me have jobs to do and I know they're going to come in here ready to compete. Giants S Jabrill Peppers, who began his career in Cleveland

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