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What They're Saying

What the Raiders are saying about the Browns

Cleveland is looking to head into the bye with a 6-2 record

As the days wind down before the Browns' matchup Sunday with the Raiders, we're checking out what they're saying in Las Vegas about the game.

I don’t know really compare Myles to anybody because he’s unique. He can play right end, left end. He can go inside. He’s a complete, every down difference maker. There’s been a lot of great players in the past. I try not to get into that profession. I used to do that for a living, but no more. Raiders head coach Jon Gruden on Myles Garrett
I think No. 1 the Cleveland Browns generate turnovers. They’ve generated 14 turnovers from their defense. You can put the yards per game and talk about that stat all you want, they’ve set them up with good field position at times. And they can run the ball. Those are two great ingredients, getting the ball in good field position and running the football. This guy is an excellent quarterback. He’s proven he can play in anybody’s system. Oklahoma he had a different system, last year he had a different system, this year he’s playing under the center more than I’ve seen in the past. This kid can play, great competitor. What I love is when the game is on the line late, it brings out the best in him. He’s fun to watch, too. He has a style of play that I like. Gruden on how Baker Mayfield has improved
We spent a number of periods with what we call wet ball, where we have the managers, the guys that are spotting the ball, they squirt water on the football. We had our wide receivers and quarterbacks wearing their wet-weather gloves. Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson on how Las Vegas is preparing for conditions in Cleveland
They have a multitude of runs. They have a large volume of runs different personnel groupings, they do a good job of taking a look at some of the runs that may have hurt you in the past and put those in, and I think the line does a really good job of working in conjunction whether it be a scoop or double-team and those types of things. I think they do a really good job with their footwork and they’re all in unison. So, the line is very good, they work very good together so it will be a challenge for us on Sunday.” Raiders defensive coordinator Paul Guenther on the Browns
A lot of completions outside the pocket on scramble drills, me running for first downs and things like that, multiple first downs in games, that’s stuff that we have stressed, it’s becoming second nature for me. So, it’s not something that I’m really consciously thinking about, but when you do play dominant pass rushers like Myles, and all those guys on their front ... when you play those guys, sometimes lanes can open and you can take off and make big plays with your legs, get a first down here and there. Raiders QB Derek Carr on using his mobility vs. Browns

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