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Top quotes from Andrew Berry, Kevin Stefanski and Paul DePodesta following 2022 NFL Draft

Here's what Berry and Stefanski had to say about the Browns' rookie additions


Executive VP of Football Ops and GM Andrew Berry, Head Coach Kevin Stefanski and Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta spoke to reporters after the conclusion of the 2022 NFL Draft. Here's what they had to say about the Browns' selections:

I have probably never been a part of a draft where you literally accomplish everything that you want. There are always, whether it is opportunities, players or some other facet, that either do not go your way or maybe it is a bit ambitious. We are really pleased with how we are coming out of the weekend, but the reality is no roster is perfect, our roster is not perfect and we are going to continue to look for opportunities to improve it. Berry on if the Browns accomplished all that they wanted in this draft
We certainly thought that was a possibility. You saw that little specialist run in the fourth round when a kicker and I think either two or three punters that went off shortly afterward. Realized that is a little high for where kickers typically go, but we do think that he is an excellent prospect and has a good chance to be a good kicker for a long time. Berry on if the expectation was K Cade York would not have been available with the Browns' next pick if not taken at No. 124
We did think that he went later than what we would have assumed. We were happy that he was there. We think that he is a really good fit in our scheme as an up-field, gap-shooting 3-tech. Obviously, he is as low energy as they come (laughter). We are excited to get him here. Berry on if the team was surprised that it was able to get DT Perrion Winfrey in the fourth round, given some people had him graded in the second round
We have to work through all of that. I think it would be unfair to say yet, but really value versatility among the defensive backs so we want to work with multiple guys in there. You mentioned Greg (Newsome II). Greg has done it in-game. I think with Martin, get him on campus, work with him and see what he is capable of, but we really want all of those guys to feel comfortable playing in there. Stefanski on CB Martin Emerson’s potential as a slot CB or if Greg Newsome II will be the team’s top inside CB
I think Andrew and the crew did a great job of just making sure that we made picks at each spot that made sense based on the board and where the value lied. It happened that it was three defensive linemen, like you mentioned, but those are three guys that we like and three guys that we think fit our scheme and fit what we are about. It just happened to shake out that way. Stefanski on adding three players to the Browns DL and if that was a position the team identified as an area that needed to be improved after last season
Honestly, kicker has been a spot that we have monitored for several drafts. Having specialists on a rookie deal, a young, high-potential specialist on a rookie deal is something that is valuable and important to us. Just like with anything, the value and just the opportunity cost of when you are considering that player is important so I would not say it is something that was new in terms of our thinking. I think we all know in this room how difficult it is to kick here in Cleveland. With (K) Cade (York), we certainly think has the raw talent to do so. Berry on when the team became committed to seeking the best kicker in the draft
Someone mentioned it to me when I was coming down. I do not even think it necessarily hit my brain at that time. It just happens to be an interesting coincidence. Berry on selecting three players from Oklahoma during the draft
It was a big priority for us this offseason to make sure that we had added some competition and talent to the kicking game. I think that is something that coming out of last year that we thought we could make improvements, and we are certainly excited about some of the individuals who we have added to the roster. Berry on if specialists were a priority for the Browns this offseason
Perrion is louder (laughter). I think Coach Prief is excited. I think we are excited to add those guys. Like AB mentioned, we added competition, and we added good players. I just think you go through every one of the rooms in here, including the specialist and including the return game, we want to add competition. Stefanski on if Winfrey or special teams coordinator Mike Priefer is more excited, given Winfrey’s energy in the media interview and the number of specialists added, respectively
I think we really like the mix. Certainly – Kevin can talk about this, too – the different characteristics that each guy brings, I think collectively it is a really, really nice room. I think we feel like the room can do sort of do everything. We have some speed. We have some great route runners. We have guys who are tough after the catch. We have guys who have contested-catch ability. In terms of building out concepts within our scheme, I think there is an awful lot we can do with these guys. DePodesta on evaluating the Browns WRs room
That was a fun one. I will be honest, we had a couple discussions – probably had maybe three or four separate discussions – throughout the weekend about a couple of trades. It was finally nice to actually execute one with him. That was good. Berry on making a trade with Vikings General Manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, who previously was with the Browns

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