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What They're Saying

What the Steelers are saying about the Browns

Sunday's marquee matchup pits 4-1 Cleveland vs. 4-0 Pittsburgh

As the days wind down before the Browns' matchup Sunday with the Steelers, we're checking out what they're saying in Indianapolis about the game.

This week we are faced with a significant challenge, one that we’re excited about because, man, we love to be in the kitchen. AFC North ball is in the kitchen. It’s hot in the north, and we have an AFC North home game against the Cleveland Browns, a team that’s won four in a row. Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin
The strength of their pack is in the pack. They’ve got quality depth throughout all positional groups. Tomlin on the Browns' offense
A lot of those guys—I looked at their roster today, they only have two guys that have 10 years of experience in the league. It’s not like these guys have been playing us for years and years and years and worrying about how many times the Steelers have won. That’s not what it’s about. It’s a new season, new teams, and they’re a really good football team. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger
You think about the whole league, the guys who have been successful in the league are the guys who run the football and then run play-action off of it because play action is much more effective if you can run the ball. They’ve been doing a good job of that and then getting some play action to move the ball down the field a little bit, trying to keep them out of third and long situations where we have to keep him in the pocket and all that stuff. They haven’t done a lot of that, but I think they have done a good job of controlling the ball. Steelers defensive coordinator Keith Butler on the Browns offense
With the Browns being so good now and the Ravens also, just this division being so good and the Browns being a team I came from, I always want to play good against the team you used to played for. I'm just really excited about our team. We're 4-0 and I've never been 4-0 before ... It's a whole lot going on but I think it's going to be a really, really intense football game. Two good football teams. Steelers CB Joe Haden
Baker Mayfield has a really good arm on the move. He has people that can catch the ball and make big plays with their feet after they catch the ball. That's what makes their play-action so explosive. Steelers LB Devin Bush

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